Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Exciting Stuff

Echo! *Echo...echo...echo...echo...*

Well hi there!

I know, I know. It's been a while. I could give you all the excuses in the world, and you probably wouldn't believe one bit of them. So, instead of going through that, I'll just get back into blogging!

There were 3 events that happened within the last week that were absolutely wonderful!

The first two actually go along with eachother. It was both Bella and Nessie's birthday! Yay for them! I told my niece a few weeks ago that their birthday was coming up, and she was so excited. I wanted her to draw a picture for me to hang up somewhere, and she decided to make a card for the two birthday girls!


She's so cute! Love her to death. :)

And the other event that happened was the date for the DVD release of Eclipse was announced! The oh-so-exciting day (We all know how hard it is to not have a Twilight event coming in the near future) is December 4!! Guys, thats ONLY 80 days away! Yahoo! Oh, and another exciting thing? It has commentary from STEPHENIE MEYER. Yes, you read right. Thats STEPHENIE MEYER, the one who started this whole shebang! Should be awesome!

I think that's it for this post. Oh, except for the fact that I made a banner to go along with my background. See:



Aw! How cute. :P

And I'm out!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Teen Choice Awards

Sorry I'm a bit late on this post. I was out of phone service and internet service for a few days, so there was no way I could express my complete excitement with you!
New Moon won 16 Teen Choice Awards yesterday!!! How freakishly amazing is that?! I think it was a bit stupid, however, that Rob and/or Taylor didn't present anything. It would've kept the audience interested a bit more throughout the show. I skimmed over the entire thing with my trusty DVR, but if they would've had someone presenting that I actually cared about, I would've watched more of it.
Whatever though! I'm still super excited for Twilight! Now to wait...again...for more news. This was the most exciting thing that has happened in the Twilight universe for a while now. It's been a dud lately. Not exactly the thing an advid Twilight fan wants.
See ya!

PS. Vote for Edward here

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Breaking Dawn Part 2

Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be released on November 16, 2012!!!!!
This is exciting news because now we have an official date. HOWEVER, whats not so exciting is that this is over 2 years away. They totally should've pulled a Harry Potter and had it 6 months months after the first.
Oh well. At least now we know how long we have to wait until the conclusion of the movies.
819 days until we will finally see the last movie of the Twilight Saga!

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Rant for the Day

Time for some venting.

So I recently saw Eclipse for the bajillionth time with some friends who hadn’t seen it yet (I know! It has been a freaking month! Why hadn’t they seen it, the world may never know.), and let me tell ya, the whole “OMFG! I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN TEAM EDWARD, BUT NOW I’M TEAM JACOB!” thing is starting to get on my nerves. I was quick to remind my dear friends that they were not in fact on team Jacob, but more so on Team Taylor. Yes, world, there IS a difference! Those who like Taylor like his body and are blinded by whatever Jacob does because they are much too busy looking at said body. If they were to focus on the books and the actual story, they would see how much of a jerk Jacob really is and heavily sway to the better, classier Team Edward. You see, Edward is not only really nice looking (There have been some debate on the movie depiction. I think that Rob looks just fine when dressed as Edward, but that’s just my opinion.) and has a smile that would melt any girls heart, but he is also one of the last people on the planet who are quite chivalrous. I’ll tell you what, if I ever find anyone who treats me half as good as Edward treats Bella, I will be one happy girl.

The point: Jacob is still stupid no matter how good Taylor looks in the movie.


Happy Birthday Breaking Dawn!

Exactly 2 years ago, I was sitting in a long line of well over 1,000 people, waiting for my chance to get my copy of the fourth and final installment of The Twilight Saga. With Mountain Dew and Milk Duds in hand, I skipped home and read until I had finished Breaking Dawn. That is one memory I won't soon forget, and though I waited 5-6 hours in line, I must say it was worth it.
Happy Birthday Breaking Dawn!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

X-Men WIN!

Deadline is reporting that Edi Gathegi will be in the next X-Men movie. Three words:
You have no idea how excited I am that he is going to be in this. I am pretty much in love with X-Men, and this news just made me that much more excited for the next one to come out!!!
Ah. The only thing that would be better is an announcement saying Kellan Lutz was going to be in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. :P And now you all know my other obsessions! Awesome!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Stupid Freaking Paparazzi

There is an article on the Twilight Lexicon that caught my attention. Its about the paparazzi and how bad it's gotten, and I must say that I agree with everything they said.
Have you realized that through all my posts, I've never posted one picture that wasn't confirmed or one story that wasn't absolutely, without a doubt true? I do this because I think it is unfair to the actors that they can't even have an ounce of privacy. Yes, they joined Twilight and now they are big celebrities, but I don't think that when they signed on the dotted line that they were also signing to give up all rights as a human being. It's ridiculous that people can say that they need to just accept it and move on. I realize that by being big there's a certain amount of the fame that you just need to swallow and try to accept. However, I don't believe that it means that they can't even get in their car and drive away without paparazzi snapping their picture and making up false stories to make it seem like the actor is mean.
What I hate very most out of all this is that this is now the stereotypical Twilight fan. I hope people, especially the actors, realize that the fans are not the ones doing this. Real fans respect the actor's privacy and will meet the actor when the time is right, such as at a Twilight convention or at a meet and greet or at a DVD/book signing, etc.
Alright. I'll stop there. Had to have my rant.