Monday, August 2, 2010

My Rant for the Day

Time for some venting.

So I recently saw Eclipse for the bajillionth time with some friends who hadn’t seen it yet (I know! It has been a freaking month! Why hadn’t they seen it, the world may never know.), and let me tell ya, the whole “OMFG! I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN TEAM EDWARD, BUT NOW I’M TEAM JACOB!” thing is starting to get on my nerves. I was quick to remind my dear friends that they were not in fact on team Jacob, but more so on Team Taylor. Yes, world, there IS a difference! Those who like Taylor like his body and are blinded by whatever Jacob does because they are much too busy looking at said body. If they were to focus on the books and the actual story, they would see how much of a jerk Jacob really is and heavily sway to the better, classier Team Edward. You see, Edward is not only really nice looking (There have been some debate on the movie depiction. I think that Rob looks just fine when dressed as Edward, but that’s just my opinion.) and has a smile that would melt any girls heart, but he is also one of the last people on the planet who are quite chivalrous. I’ll tell you what, if I ever find anyone who treats me half as good as Edward treats Bella, I will be one happy girl.

The point: Jacob is still stupid no matter how good Taylor looks in the movie.



  1. You speak the truth and I love it!!! STUPID JACOB.

  2. Haha, its so true. :D Honestly, if Jacob wasn't so self righteous ("I know you have feelings for me..." yuck) then he wouldn't be so bad. He's cute until his selfishness kicks in, then all I kept thinking was, punch him again Bella, punch him again... :D